A1. Chicken Skewers

3 pcs

A2. Beef Skewers

3 pcs

A3. Grilled Prawn Skewers

3 pcs

A4. Green Onion Cake

A5. Deep Fried Squids

A6. Deep Fried Wontons

8 pcs

Pork Dumpling

K11. Korean Vegi Dumplings

8 pcs

Vegi & Noodle Dumpling

17.   Pork Spring Rolls   4 pcs

17A. Vegi Spring Rolls   4 pcs

18. Salad Rolls 

  • 3 rolls

  • Choice of Shrimp or Carrot

  • Lettuce, Cucumber & Vermicelli Noodle wrapped with Rice Paper

  • Comes with Sweet Sauce 

      (for Gluten Free comes with Fish Sauce)

19. Chicken Wings

8 pcs

BBQ  or  Salt & Pepper  or  Hot

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